Help out another small business by working with WestCoastCo.


Every website, graphic design job and marketing consultation benefits a small business owner in a tough spot.

We started WestCoastCo. because we've seen how big agencies treat small businesses, and it isn't nice.

Small business owners need to be able to market their businesses in order to succeed, so they often (understandably) turn to the experts for help. Of course, to afford the prices of these experts, they've got to already have some money. Spot the problem here?

Brands like Coca Cola and Starbucks don't need these experts as much as small business owners do, but they've got the money so they get the help.

WestCoastCo's Pay It Forward scheme attempts to even the playing field a little. Every time you work with us, 10% of your final invoice goes to the "Pay It Forward Pot". This pot pays for a simple website, branding or marketing strategy session for a small business owner who has fallen on hard times.
If you could benefit from the Pay It Forward Pot, please complete the application below. We'll let you know if you've been successful within 7 days.

Please note: the Pay It Forward Pot exists to help small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet. If you are able to afford to pay for web design (our prices start from £15 a month), branding or marketing strategy (£40 an hour), please do not apply.
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