WestCoastCo. are passionate about supporting great causes.

Arran started WestCoastCo. after a year of genetic therapy and blood tests revealed that she has the gene for SCA6 (Spinocerebellar Ataxia). She runs the support group for Ataxia UK in Preston for people with various forms of ataxia, their friends, family and carers, and is passionate about raising awareness for this rare neurological disorder.

We provide pro-bono consulting and web development services for charities, as well as free website hosting.

Ataxia UK

Ataxia is the name given to a group of incurable disorders which affect balance, co-ordination and speech. There are estimated to be around 10,000 people in the UK with a form of ataxia, however due to the lack of awareness surrounding the disorder there could be significantly more than this.

Ataxia UK raise funds for medical research into treatments and cures for ataxia, as well as raising awareness and providing a community for those affected by it.
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Neuro DropIn

Neuro DropIn is a charity based in Lancaster which provides a warm and friendly place for people with neurological conditions to meet, get support and relax. They have a charity shop and cafe on site, and provide a selection of services from physiotherapy to massage and tai-chi.

The centre hosts regular creative groups and fundraising events throughout the year.
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Lighthouse Futures Trust

Lighthouse Futures Trust partners with schools and colleges to create opportunities for those who may otherwise find it difficult to access sustainable employment.

Their experienced programme managers and job coaches build strong relationships with major employers in both local and national organisations, where they plan and deliver supported internships for young adults with an autistic spectrum condition or learning disability.
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