We live for scroll-stopping design.

A logo isn’t the be all and end all of branding; everything you or your company share forms a part of your brand. As such, establishing a unique and consistent style is key to the success of your business.
We’ve spent years honing our design skills and researching different markets to ensure that our graphics will have a lasting impact. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something truly special, we can design and draw graphic elements by hand, offering artistic flair that few other agencies can provide.

Through this process, you’ll end up with an arsenal of on-brand images and graphic elements which are instantly recognisable and able to be used over and over in your advertising campaigns.

Our Prices

We've really got something for everyone - even if you're looking for someone to paint the office...

Looking for the real WOW factor? Get in touch to find out more about our fine art services – murals, hand-painted logos on your walls, paintings of your beloved office pooch… we weren’t joking about being trained in fine art. We’re pretty good at this sort of thing.
Ready to get started?
heck yes!

The Full Monty

(+VAT) - we'll develop your entire brand from the ground-up.

Think multiple logo variations, mood boards, colour palettes, fonts, brand assets and social media branding.

Standard Rate

Hourly - we'll give you a quote for all design work, and we'll never exceed that quote regardless of how long the work takes us.

We're trained artists here at WestCoastCo, so branding is our jam!


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