October 1, 2018

5 Cartoons You Must Watch Now (Even If You’re a Grown-Up)

Here at WestCoastCo. HQ, we watch a lot of cartoons. We’re definitely grown-ups (we filed our accounts this week – we’re awesome at this grown-up thing!), but we’re grown-ups who appreciate the subtle nuances of a good Cartoon Network show. As creative people, it’s important for us to get our regular dose of inspiration, and nothing works quite like some animated nonsense.

So, without further ado, here are five cartoons that you absolutely have to watch, no matter where you are in your life…


    Cartoon Network

    Mordecai and Rigby are two twenty-something year old park groundskeepers who juggle their mundane jobs with the rest of their super surreal lives. Many of the characters in this series are based on characters featured in creator J.G.Quintel’s short film, “2 in the AM PM”, where the plot is a literal acid trip. This probably tells you everything you need to know about the supernatural misadventures which take place in Regular Show. It might be on Cartoon Network, but this cartoon definitely isn’t for kids.


    The characters and their situations, despite the supernatural elements, are relatable. The artwork is beautiful, the plots are completely off-the-walls weird, and the songs are seriously catchy.


    Arran – This Is My Jam
    Adam – A Bunch of Baby Ducks


    Cartoon Network

    This show is dark, we love its satirical humour, and the style is simply a stroke of genius. Ben Bocquelet, the show’s creator, based a lot of the characters on rejected concepts from his commercial work, and there has been no attempt at all to give them an overall unified style. There is a great combination of 3D and 2D animation, as well as live action, all existing in the same universe and studying at the same school. What’s not to love?


    It’s surreal, it’s dark, it’s daring, but all of the characters have real depth (even Banana Joe). It’s a family show, but the storylines are very adult-friendly, along with some subtle one-liners that are beyond hilarious. When Darwen suggests that they make money by inviting people who need hugging and kissing to their house and charging for the service, we just about lost it.


    Arran – The Cringe
    Adam – The Slap

  3. AXE COP


    This one isn’t for kids, despite being partially written by one. Axe Cop features the eponymous police officer, as well as his partner Flute Cop, Bat Warthog Man, Liborg, Wexter, Sockarang and Gray Diamond. Each 11 minute adventure follows these heroes as they fight “bad guys” and avoid fights with the “Normal Police”. The show is based on the popular web comic of the same name, created by Ethan Nicolle and his five year old brother Malachai. Plenty of the dialogue has been written or inspired by Malachai, with memorable lines such as “why don’t you go and chase a duck or something, you big dumb idiot?” and “Axe Cop will chop off your head in a DEATH BATTLE!” Our favourite character is Liborg, voiced by Tyler The Creator. He is a former soldier, killed in battle by Chicken Head; his brain was then combined with the brain of a lion (but they added some cheetah brain too because “cheetahs are super fast”), and it was put in a cybernetic body with a lion’s head… wild stuff.


    We spend so much time trying to come up with brilliant, creative ideas for our clients, and Axe Cop teaches us not to over think it. This show is straight from the mind of a five year old, and it’s bloody brilliant.

    And did we mention that Axe Cop is voiced by Nick Offerman? Yep.


    Arran – Bald Cop
    Adam – Zombie Island… In Space


    Cartoon Network

    This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, heart-warming shows on television. Rebecca Sugar (notable for her beautiful songs in the first few seasons – and finale – of Adventure Time) is Cartoon Network’s first female show creator, and she has done a spectacular job. Steven Universe is a coming of age story about a young boy who lives with magical humanoid aliens. The sci-fi mythology surrounding the show is rich and immersive, and it has been praised for its amazing predominantly female cast and focus on LGBTQ+ themes. These themes have been included in the show “to help children understand themselves and develop their identities”, says Sugar, with the real focal theme being love of all shapes and sizes.


    The show features some incredible and very distinctive artwork, and it shows us the positive effects of taking risks and focusing on our most personal core values in everything we do. It also appeals to Arran’s need for a good, heart-warming cry every once in a while.


    Arran – Lion 3: Straight to Video
    Adam – Cheeseburger Backpack



    Don’t watch this one with your kids. The title of the first episode, “Angry Unpaid Hooker”, should tell you everything you need to know about this cartoon. The Life and Times of Tim is (believe it or not), all about Tim: a man in his mid-20s who constantly finds himself in very awkward situations. Steve Dildarian’s cult show has an iconic, disjointed style of animation, and a brilliant deadpan delivery by its voice actors which makes every awkward situation all the more hilarious.


    We are all Tim. Perhaps our bosses don’t try to convince us to pretend we’re from Mexico to make our workplace seem more diverse, and we don’t necessarily believe that MLM style sausage sales is a great career move, but we all know what it’s like to land in an awkward situation and continue to make it even more awkward despite our best efforts not to. There’s something familiar and comforting about Tim, even if we don’t always want to admit it.


    Arran – Latino Tim
    Adam – Novelist




I honestly believe that BoJack Horseman is the best thing that’s ever been on TV (and that includes Nashville – shock!). I’m obsessed with it. The visual gags in the background of every scene, the animal puns, the hilarious riffs on The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (well, that’s the impression I get, anyway…); all of it sits perfectly alongside the brutal, harrowing moments of sadness. The show is the most realistic portrayal of the human condition I’ve ever seen, and it’s about a horse.


Final Space just about beats the beloved Rick and Morty to the title of my noteworthy mention. While both shows offer an original take on the classic sci-fi genre, Final Space offers something extra in the form of painfully-relatable protagonist, Gary Godspeed (aka “The Gary”). Describing his life as “medium-to-good/borderline crappy”, if you’ve ever dreamed of being a force for good whilst lacking the necessary people skills to be seen as anything other than completely inept, you’ll immediately empathise with The Gary. Despite his obvious flaws, you’ll grow to love him as he struggles to save the universe and win the heart of Quinn, the object of his affection and his superior in almost every way.

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