November 22, 2018

6 Ways To Win Christmas 2018: B2B

With holiday gift guides and ugly festive jumpers all around us at this magical time of year, we won't blame you if you think that Christmas is really a B2C game. In our previous blog, we looked at 6 ways for brick-and-mortar retail businesses to have a cracking Christmas, but how can you compete with the noise if you're a B2B brand? Check out these 6 ways for B2B brands to make an impact this Christmas - got an idea we haven't mentioned? Tweet us!

  1. Add some festive flair to your social media

    It's time to showcase that warm, fluffy side of your biz. Your customers are in Christmas-mode, so it makes sense to appeal to that and get in the festive spirit yourself. You've decorated your office, so why not decorate your social media?

    Not got time to do this yourself? We offer seasonal social media branding as an on-demand service! No contract, just buy online!
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  2. Create a digital greeting

    People respond to people; that's always been my mantra. On Instagram, photographs including faces perform up to 40% better than photographs of "stuff", so get your staff together and post a greeting for your customers - spread the cheer and boost your holiday engagement!

  3. Give away something useful

    You could give away pens with your company name on them. You know, those ones you find in the nooks and crannies of your car when you're cleaning it out. Useful. Or you could give your customers something they really want - secrets of your trade! Workbooks, checklists and infographics will be snapped up by your customers, and they could give you an opportunity to boost your mailing list subscribers too!

  4. Be reflective

    Christmas is the perfect time to look back on the year and consider your highs and lows. Thank your clients for supporting you and consider what you'll do better in 2019.

  5. Show off your Christmas spirit

    Ugly jumpers, cake, office decorations, secret santa... show off the human side of your brand this Christmas! Your customers might not appreciate your tipsy party pics, but a little peek into the festive cheer of your office will go a long way.

  6. Be charitable

    35% of charitable giving is done around Christmas - it's the giving season!
    Link up with a local charity or talk to your staff to see if there's anything particularly close to their hearts. Ask for donations on social media and promise to match them, or start a food drive for your local homeless charity.


If you're still rushing to get your festive marketing campaign together, leave it to the experts. Enjoy the holiday season in the knowledge that we're taking care of the heavy lifting - get in touch!


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