November 13, 2018

6 Ways To Win Christmas 2018: Retail

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re not already firing out your Christmas marketing campaigns then it’s time to get started: 47% of Christmas shopping takes place before December even starts! We’ve seen plenty of scaremongering when it comes to the “death of the high street”, and as a brick-and-mortar store owner we wouldn’t blame you if you were a bit worried about Christmas this year. Believe it or not, the high street is not dying! According to Deloitte’s latest survey, 88% of consumers are planning on doing their Christmas shopping in-store this year. With that holly-jolly statistic to brighten your week, here are 6 action points to think about to make 2018 your best year yet!

  1. Think Social!

    Social media is estimated to drive at least 5% of retail sales this year, so it’s important to have your finger on the pulse sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the detailed targeting available through social media advertising to find new customers with similar profiles to your current customers, or hone in on a specific demographic to drive sales of particular items.

  2. Decorate Your Shop

    Create a festive atmosphere in your shop with music, seasonal decorations, festive food and Christmas events: the emotional benefits of shopping in-store are your big advantage over online competitors! This year, 42% of consumers will be shopping in-store thanks to ambience alone – there’s no such thing as too much tinsel!

  3. Consider Live Demos

    Here’s a fun fact about me: my first proper job was demonstrating products on the shop floor in Asda. With that in mind, I’m pretty passionate about engaging with customers in real-time, and demoing products really works! Why else would I have been employed to do it all day? From chocolate tasters to showing your customers how to use a blender; you’ll find that most products are demo-able.

  4. Connect Your Online & Offline Experiences

    If you’re promoting a special offer in-store, make sure to promote it on social media too. If you’re promoting a product on social media, make sure to have it in a very obvious place in-store. Make shopping a simple, pleasurable experience.

  5. Check Your Local Listings

    We love Google My Business here at WestCoastCo, but there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten to add your Christmas opening hours. Add your seasonal hours today and you’ll be covered for the big rush! It’s also well worth taking advantage of the new “posts” feature on this platform (most of your competitors won’t be!) as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your promotions in your search listing 100% free of charge!

  6. That Festive Feeling

    Christmas is a stressful time of year for retailers; we get it. Unfortunately, your customers don't want to see that stress on your face! Take some deep breaths, pour yourself a glass of wine and let it wash over you. Good vibes are infectious: go to work with a smile and your customers will have a wonderful, festive experience!


If you're still rushing to get your festive marketing campaign together, leave it to the experts. Enjoy the holiday season in the knowledge that we're taking care of the heavy lifting - get in touch!


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