November 5, 2018

Charming and Cheeky Marketing: The Best of The Best

When we take on a new client – whether it’s for marketing or website development – we have them complete a personality questionnaire. It’s important that we match their tone of voice in their content, so we like to squeeze as much info as we possibly can out of them before getting to work.

Every brand needs a personality; without one you’re pretty much faceless. People respond to and buy from people, and that’s why injecting a little bit of you into your marketing is essential when it comes to building up a presence both online and offline.

We’re big fans of charming and cheeky marketing: although it can be rather divisive, there’s nothing better than an ad which really makes you giggle. From big boys like Microsoft to school PTFAs and book shops, here are some of our favourite marketing endeavours to inspire your inner charmer:

  1. Microsoft’s job ad

    Microsoft’s personality is simple and human. They strive to speak to their audience how we speak to one another, so this job ad is a particularly cheeky bit of marketing. Of course, Microsoft only want the top candidates, so why not speak to them in their language? Genius!

  2. MyMedic’s Notification Request Alert

    Have you ever said yes to one of these? Push notifications are an awesome way of keeping your brand in front of your audience, but they’ve got to accept the notifications first, and that’s a tough one to sell. MyMedic have gone a fairly extreme route here, but we commend them for it: fear of actual imminent death. Say yes and you will live. It’s cheeky, it’s clever, and it works.

  3. This book shop’s attempt to appeal to teenagers

    Teenagers are tough. They make us all feel old and 90% of the time we have no idea what they’re talking about. This book shop has taken a very “hello, fellow teens!” approach to appealing to their target audience with emojis and hilarious youth vernacular. If you take it as a tongue-in-cheek approach, it’s fantastic. If you don’t… at least they’re trying?

  4. This School Fundraiser

    This is actual genius. Cheeky and charming marketing doesn’t just have to apply to businesses. This fundraising approach from a school PTFA is wonderfully self-aware, and it really plays on the average parent’s response to being asked to contribute to another school event…

  5. This awesome advert for garages

    We've saved the best for last. This one pops up time and time again in our Facebook marketing groups, and it really is one of our absolute favourite ads. It's simple, cheeky, and personal; appealing both to those with an entrepreneurial spirit and those of us who just appreciate a good laugh.


Whether you're a mortgage adviser, a builder, an engineer or a business consultant, cheeky and charming marketing adds an element of personality to your brand that your audience just can't get enough of. If you're looking to spice up your online presence, get in touch!


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