May 3, 2018

Facebook 101: Reactions Matter

We're all familiar with Facebook's reactions, but how often do you reach for something other than a like? It goes without saying that supporting small businesses is something we'd all like to do more of, but with Amazon Prime's next day delivery and the allure of spending a day in your pyjamas, sometimes that can be much easier said than done. Now, what if you could support those small businesses in your PJs with some strategic use of Facebook reactions - you don't even have to leave your sofa!

That's the dream... am I right?

You'll have heard marketers throwing around the term "Facebook algorithms" pretty regularly, but these algorithms are rarely (if ever) explained. When it comes to their reactions algorithm, it's actually pretty simple in that Facebook pays much less attention to simple likes than it does to any other reaction. It's very easy to just click on the like button whilst scrolling through your feed, but if you really care about a piece of content, you'll take the time to choose a "love" or a "wow". If you've taken the time to react to a piece of content like this, the content must be pretty awesome, so the algorithm makes sure that more people will see it.


It's getting more and more difficult for small businesses to get seen on Facebook, as it's very much a pay-to-play environment and big businesses have big money. By taking the time to use a different reaction on Facebook, you could help a small business owner to reach a wider or entirely new audience.

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