February 11, 2018

Arran Eleanor Creative V2.0 – WestCoastCo.

You may have noticed something different about us, and it’s not just our hair – We’ve rebranded!

When we started Arran Eleanor Creative LTD back in January, we entered the marketing industry with a view to working with local businesses who shared our values. In the ten months since we took on our first client, The Fleece Inn at Dolphinholme, we’ve acquired clients from a whole host of industries, covering everything from accountants to dog groomers.

Our clients, despite their varied occupations, share one thing in common – they put people first. They go above and beyond to offer a service which is truly outstanding, and they do this because they care deeply about their customers and the wider community.

This was the inspiration for the evolution of our brand. We wanted to encapsulate our passion for the North West and the wonderful business which operate here, working together to improve their communities. We aimed to create a platform from which we can champion the people making a real difference throughout the region and beyond. That’s why Arran Eleanor Creative LTD became WestCoastCo.

With the rebrand comes a new-look website designed and developed by Arran herself, using hand-drawn graphics to create something unique and vibrant. We’ve put our core values at the forefront of our branding because we think businesses work best together when they share a common goal. You’ll also begin to see a lot more user-inspired content on our blog in the coming months, as we seek to highlight the incredible work of the people we support.

You might notice that we’ve extended our services to include an on-demand option for design and content. We understand that people aren’t always able to commit to a contract, especially in the early stages of building a business, and we wanted to ensure that high-quality content and graphics were available to everyone.

We’d like to thank all the people we’ve met on our journey so far and all the people we’ve worked with as Arran Eleanor Creative LTD. It’s because of you that we’ve been able to grow both personally and professionally, and been inspired to push ourselves to find new innovative ways of working. We’re looking forward to working with you all as WestCoastCo. and applying our new philosophy to your marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at our new email address, hello@wearewestcoast.com or head over to our Contact page for more options.


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